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LATEST ARTICLE: Do promotional products actually work?

>>Straight to article<< According to the Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study (2016) promotional products are one of the most high-impact, cost effective advertising mediums. Consumers who receive a promotional product will typically give them to someone else when they are finished and across Australasia, studies show on average that individuals have 7 promotional products in their homes and/or offices.

Today’s consumers expect brands to reach them on a personal level. What better way to connect with consumers at these events than with promotional products?


Go Green: Eco-Friendly Promotional & Branded Products

As people across Australia and all over the world become more aware about the importance of protecting the environment and using eco-friendly products, the demand for these green products has become much higher. If more people choose to reuse and purchase eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, there will be greater drive for developments in the area of green energies, recycling and other green technologies, as well as a larger market for eco-friendly products and services in general. Is it time your business went green?

Hearing Protection: Is your job making you deaf?

An estimated 1 million Australian employees (almost 12% of the workforce) may be exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work, which over time can lead to hearing loss and impairment. Occupational noise is also associated with tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, fatigue, decreased production output and performance, increased stress, increased absenteeism, and increased risk of workplace injuries and accidents. So hearing protection in the workplace is a must.